Shadow Slingers banner (final)
This is the team page for Shadow Slingers. One of the Fanguide's iOS Alliance teams.

Much of our team discussion will be had in the Team Goatmeat - iOS Alliance thread on the Gameloft Forums, but feel free to comment here if you want (or if you have difficulty accessing the forum).

This page will be updated with announcements and Event results once we start playing.

The Team

(In-game name, with forum or facebook names)

Team Leader

Goatmeat (Goatmeat)


Ajfahres  /  Ajfahres

Ben Palmer IV  /  Jarvisjackrabbit

Benthic Nash  /  Benthic Nash

BigMF00  /  BigMF

Brett-Elsa O  /  Brettolm

Bryan L  /  Piggy

Cal_Matt  /  Cal_Matt

César Peralta  /  Spiderwarrior07

CTsmith415 / CTsmith415

Discusdad  /  Discusdad

factobar  /  foctobar 

Frank Zappa  /  Piper76

Leaden Dessert  /  Alejandro Garcia

Lisandro Lee Carretero  /  Lisandro Lee Carretero

Lyon 80  /  Lyon 80

Reminder /  Thomas Keiderling

Smurfhito  /  Smurfhito

Usami_Nanako  /  Falah Alifandi

Wimbledofy  /  Wimbledofy


All Players must confirm their availability to participate in the weeks rotation no less than 12 hours prior to board change. Notice for the coming weeks rotation will be posted no less than 48 hours prior to board change.

  • All players must respect one another and shall never disrespect another player either in game or on any other social media.
  • Players must notify the team of inability to participate throughout the week. If rotation members have to be warned 3 times for failure to participate without notice, they will be removed from the

roster temporarily.

  • If rotational members wish to join or create an alliance during their off time, they are free to do so, just make sure to watch for your name to be called for a weekly rotation.

Core Member Rules

  • Core members must stay active weekly to retain core membership. If time off is needed players must notify us no less than 24 hours prior to board change. Failure to notify of inability to participate 3 times will result in removal from core membership.
  • Core members must be aware that they may be needed to change teams to balance power. You must be ok with this. Notice will be given of change no less than 24hrs prior to board change.
  • Core members must be active on either the fanguide facebook page, or the official forum as often as possible


Section for team news, upcoming events, notable achievements and anything else that may arise once the Battlegrounds kick into action.