Spider-Man Unlimited (mobile game) Wiki

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Setting Up Your Team

One feature of SMU is the ability to use up to four Spiders on your roster for a combined Team Multiplier. There are many different skills within SMU amd how you set up your Team according to skills can play a major role in your scoring ability. Using more than one Spider can only be unlocked after completing issue 1.

During story mode, some missions will require a certain Spidey in order to complete them.

For help from top players ordering your team vist the Team Order Thread

The In-Game Screen

There are a few important things to note while looking at your screen during a run. The upper right hand corner is where your Team Power (multiplier), score, and Vials are displayed. The Team Power is the amount of all scores in the run are multiplied by. This number is increased by leveling up and adding Spiders to your team. You can only add Spiders to your team after completing Issue 1. The Vials shown are both Vials picked up, and Vials collected from Enemies and Web-Hammered objects.

The bottom left corner is the combo counter. This number will also have smaller numbers that appear above it as you execute various combos. These numbers are the score for the combo and are multiplied by your Team Power and added to the score. The 4 different types of combos are near-miss, attack, shield, and precision (rings). Combos award increasing points until the counter reaches 40, upon which the points awarded are consistant. Please see the Score Guide for more detailed scoring information.

The top left area is where power-ups and boss info will appear. Power-Ups display upon collecting an In-Game power-up, and displays the time remaining for the power-up. Boss data will appear during a boss fight and the bar displays the health in red, and.the distance to exit portal in blue above the health. You must defeat the boss before the portal bar runs out.

The experience earned by each Spider is based upon the individual Spider Power of that card. During events some cards receive special XP buffs. Also players can purchase an XP and/or Vial upgrade.

Please see The Shop page for more information on in-game power-ups and XP and Vial upgrades.

In Unlimited mode a player receives the chance to revive up to 3 times upon crashing. The first time a player revives cost 1 ISO-8. Every time after this, the ISO-8 cost increases to 2 ISO-8, and finally 4 ISO-8.

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Each run cost a player 1 Spider Energy to start. Players may have up to 5 energy at one time, and it replenishes once every 10 minutes or you can purchase a refill pack for 3 ISO-8 in the shop. Players can also send and receive energy to friends daily.