Mangaverse Spider-Woman

First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse: Spider-Man #1

Mary Jane Watson, the girlfriend of Peter Parker, the Mangaverse Spider-Man, would eventually be initiated into the same order of ninja as her boyfriend. As the newest member of the Spider-Clan, Mangaverse Spidey taught her moves and showed her the ropes, eventually helping her develop into a skilled fighter.

Mangaverse Spider-Woman (Legendary)


Magnaverse Spider-Woman Titan


Note: After the release of her Titan rarity, Mangaverse Spider-Woman was given a costume update (to a costume that wasn't comic-accurate, as they removed her backpack, removed the lenses in her mask so her eyes are now visible, and gave her long sleeves). She is the first character to ever have her model altered.

Magnaverse Spider-Woman (II)

Updated costume