The Event Analysis tab of the Spreadsheet of Awesome contains details of the objectives and rewards for Events in Spiderman Unlimited.

The number of days, type and amount of objective, progression rewards, ISO-8 value of rewards and other factors are listed and used to create an Event Score. 

The Event Score is based on the total ISO-8 value of progression rewards, divided by the number of 3-Boss runs it would take to complete the event.

The “Objective achievable at 3 Bosses” determines how many runs it will take to complete an Event.

3 Bosses has been chosen, because it seems a reasonable average amount to achieve in one run, factoring all attempts across the entire range of player’s skill levels;

For Events where the Objective is buffed, the default buff multiplier is 10 – again, factoring the entire range of player’s teams and using an ‘average’ buff multiplier.

We can then calculate the number of 3-Boss runs needed to complete the Objective, and use this number to calculate the Event Score.

The donut charts display the ISO values of each reward, with two numbers in the middle showing the Event Score (in grey) and the total ISO-8 value of progress rewards (in purple).

The ISO-8 values used in the spreadsheet are as follows:

Event Analysis Key

An example donut from the Peter Parker Unlimited Event

Peter parker analysis