Zakor1138 Zakor1138 13 October 2015

Spider Wishlist

Hello and welcome to the Spider Wishlist. To all who go on this wiki, I ask you: what Spider-Characters do you want to see in the game, even if it's unlikely or impossible? I'll update the list with your choices. I will list three categories for this, starting with...

  • Arachne (Julia Carpenter)
  • Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin)
  • Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter)
  • Symbiote/Black-Suit Spider-Man

  • Web-Man (Spidey Super Stories)
  • Spider-Storm (Marvel Now What?!)
  • Spiderman AKA Spider-Man (Ben Cooper Halloween costume, as seen in Spider-Verse #2)

  • Spider-Boy (Peter "Pete" Ross)
  • Insect Queen (Mary Jane Watson)
  • Spider-Boy 2099 (Mig-El Gand)
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