All-New Spider-Man.png

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (vol 4) #1

High-school student Peter Parker was bitten by a spider which had been exposed to radioactive rays, and through a miracle of science, Peter found that he had gained the spider's powers... and had, in many ways, become a human spider! From that day on, he was the Amazing Spider-Man! But there are always complications where Spider-Man's life runs into Peter's -- whether it means protecting the ones he loves from mortal danger, having his body taken over by his greatest nemesis, or fighting inter-dimensional evil feeding on the life force of Spider-people everywhere. Because of everything he's been through recently, Peter decided that it was time to update both his costume's fashion and its functionality. Now utilizing the most cutting-edge tech woven into his suit, Spidey's got a new look to go along with his new attitude!


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